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While in New York for the International Women In Business Awards we visited the iconic Statue Of Liberty and I noticed something about Lady Liberty that teaches us a lesson in personal branding.


The monuments to the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr create an environment of awe.
WashingtonDC is the home of so many iconic monuments to National leaders and there is a personal branding lesson there too.


Over 2 million litres of water drop over the Niagara falls every second, it is one of the natural wonders of the World, drawing in 12 million tourists a year to view and experience this incredible sight.
You can watch the water falls for ever, mesmerised by the flow of the river, dropping over 50 metres and even walk behind the falls, getting drenched by the spray.

Guru-Session- Garry Lock

Garry covers how to set up a successful email system with Gmail using your own domain name address.

Guru-Session- Christine Stow

How to look for and obtain Government Grants with Christine Stow.

Guru-Session- Cathryn Warburton

Have you trademarked your business or product name?
Cathryn Warburton talks about the process and the importance of protecting your business IP.

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